Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What does an minister earn in India?

We have seen recently all the ministers are cutting off costs from their salary to save money, and we got happy that finally we have got our true leaders. But what does an typical Lok Sabha Minister is likely to earn? Don't know? I'll Tell you... and mind, this is there official income, not the unofficial one from sources like bribe etc.
  • Salary: Rs. 16,000 per month
  • Daily Allowance: Rs 1,000 per day for attending parliament
  • Constituency Allowance: Rs. 20,000 per month
  • Office Expenses: Rs. 20,000 per month
  • Furniture and Electrical Appliances: Rs. 2,50,000
  • Housing: Goverment Accomadation for rent not exceeding Rs. 650 per month
  • Airfare: Free executive class travel, 48 trips per year along with unlimited family companions
  • Rail: Can reserve a standard guage saloon or an inspection carraige or a first class compartment.
  • Road: Free use of official vehicle 
  • Water & Electricity: Free water upto 2,000 kiloliters and free power upto 50,000 units per year
  • Phone: Free 1,50,000 calls in a year
  • Health: Free medical care for minister and members of his family.
This is what an minister in India is earning, just for sitting on his seat, and making fake promises. People talk about cost-cutting about them, there are many proposals for cost-cutting in this list, but obviously, they are never passed, cause the minsters are the one who have to pass this law, and why would they make loss of themselves. Actually, we can't do anything about this. No matter how much we shout about all this, they are not going to listen. This list can only be shortened if they only realise that there are a billion people in this country who earn less than Rs.2 per day. There are people who sleep everyday without food. If only, these minsters realise this about these people, they would do so and help those people. But, that is nearly impracticle, cause in todays world, nobody thinks about others. Possibly, if I would have been sitting in their seat, may be I myself have not thought about this. That's the nature of todays man. But what we need is a constitutional reform in our country. A revolution is what we need. And as US president Barack Hussein Obama said:

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