Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What does an minister earn in India?

We have seen recently all the ministers are cutting off costs from their salary to save money, and we got happy that finally we have got our true leaders. But what does an typical Lok Sabha Minister is likely to earn? Don't know? I'll Tell you... and mind, this is there official income, not the unofficial one from sources like bribe etc.
  • Salary: Rs. 16,000 per month
  • Daily Allowance: Rs 1,000 per day for attending parliament
  • Constituency Allowance: Rs. 20,000 per month
  • Office Expenses: Rs. 20,000 per month
  • Furniture and Electrical Appliances: Rs. 2,50,000
  • Housing: Goverment Accomadation for rent not exceeding Rs. 650 per month
  • Airfare: Free executive class travel, 48 trips per year along with unlimited family companions
  • Rail: Can reserve a standard guage saloon or an inspection carraige or a first class compartment.
  • Road: Free use of official vehicle 
  • Water & Electricity: Free water upto 2,000 kiloliters and free power upto 50,000 units per year
  • Phone: Free 1,50,000 calls in a year
  • Health: Free medical care for minister and members of his family.
This is what an minister in India is earning, just for sitting on his seat, and making fake promises. People talk about cost-cutting about them, there are many proposals for cost-cutting in this list, but obviously, they are never passed, cause the minsters are the one who have to pass this law, and why would they make loss of themselves. Actually, we can't do anything about this. No matter how much we shout about all this, they are not going to listen. This list can only be shortened if they only realise that there are a billion people in this country who earn less than Rs.2 per day. There are people who sleep everyday without food. If only, these minsters realise this about these people, they would do so and help those people. But, that is nearly impracticle, cause in todays world, nobody thinks about others. Possibly, if I would have been sitting in their seat, may be I myself have not thought about this. That's the nature of todays man. But what we need is a constitutional reform in our country. A revolution is what we need. And as US president Barack Hussein Obama said:

Monday, December 21, 2009

How does positive attitude helps?

We all know from the very beginning that positive attitude will make us reach to the top. And we have been following at and not so suprisingly we found that it actually works. But how? How can just our attitude determine our destiny? How can this be possible? Well, I can just say that this is a miracle of our brain.

As we all know, that our brain is very intelligent, but at the end of the day, it is our slave. It does only those things what we know. It will do only those things which we want to do. And this only helps in getting sucess through positive attitude. Our brain follows "Feedback Mechnism", meaning it will do only what we want but it just amplifies our instructions. Confused? This would sort of things much better.

If we are given a basketball and asked to make a basket, what would be our reaction. "Can I do it?". This sentence goes to our brain, and then the reply comes, "I think I can do it". This sentece again goes to the brain, it amplifies and amplifies and amplifies, and at the end the reply comes "I will do it".

So, we just saw that how our brain changes the sentence from "Can I do it?" to "I will do it". It we go in the positive direction, then the sentence gets amplified and that helps us. We are asked to keep a positive attitude cause even if we know that we won't be able to do it, we will actually do it.

So, our brain amplifies each sentence it gets, both in the positive and the negative way, the choice depends on us. If we go towards the negatve side, it may lead to depression.
So, always keep an positive attitude towards life, difficulties, the challenges in the life and I am sure our brain will help us overcome it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Garbage disposal in India....

From our early childhoood, we are been taught to throw the trash in the trash bin. And without thinking anything, we have been doing the same. And this is still taught. Not only verbally but also in the textbooks. But have we ever thought what are we doing is right or not?
I am not telling you to not to throw the trash in the trash bin, but have we ever thought where does this trash goes? Well, as far as I know, either these are dumped in the open grounds or they are burnt. Both the methods are pollution causing. If the garbage is disposed in the open grounds, it may become a breeding place for mosquitos and other harmful bacterias. Moreover, they cause land pollution and foul smell which might be difficult for the surrounding areas. If they are burnt, the plastics, due to incomplete combustion causes soot and pollution. According to a reserch, around 93% of our trash can be re-cycled. And the waste disposal mechanism in other devloped countries is based on these principles. There you have 3 different dust-bins. Different bins for different kinds of waste which are later recycled accroding to bins. Even if the similar system occurs in our country, then i must tell that, the system is not popular enough among the common people. Going in Copenhagen will not solve the problem for environmental pollution. We need to act on this. We just can't simply allow our waste to be dumped in the open lands or burn them. We need a system for waste disposal which would not be pollution generating. Have any ideas? Send them as comments.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Association mechanism of our brain...

Have you ever wondered why do we get scared from a cockroach even though it cant do anything to us? Why do we get scared by snakes? Why do we get an tremendous amout of energy as we say "Jai Bajrang Bali"? Have you ever wondered? And why does a 2 year old does not get scared from a snake or a cockroach?
These are all the wonders of the association mechanism of our brain. Our brain is very smart. Since it is very difficult for it to remember everything, so it uses a technique called association. Everything we know is stored in our brain through association mechanism. Our brain has millions of neuron cells and each neuron can store information to the size of an encyclopedia. And all these information is linked to eachother with the association technique. You think I am talking crap? Take this example. If I talk about school why does our brain starts thinking about studies? If I talk about the best cricketer, why does we start thinking about Sachin Tendulkar? This is all because our brain have associated school and studies and cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. Everything works in this way. We get scared by a snake because our mind has associated snake with fear, whereas a 2 year old kid's mind has not associated snake with fear and that is the reason it doesnt get scared by snake. In the same way, we get scared by a cockroach. Similarly, our mind has associated "Jai Bajrang Bali" with power and we just get power. We think it's magic but it isn't. It's actually our brain. Everything in our brain works in this mechanism. Even the language we speak. When I say "Come" why do we start walking? It's because our brain has associated "Come" with walking. There are infinite examples of the association mechanism of our brain. It's so richly designed. The maker has really spent a lot of time on it. Imagine! everything we do right from eating to walking, works on this mechanism. If taken in a positive way we can do wonders with this.
Since, the winter season is going out, so as soon as I walk out of the bathroom, I feel a bit shivering. But then I tell myself firmly; that "I am not feeling cold". And believe me, I just stop shivering. It's again because of association mechanism. And there are hundreds of more examples. Try them out yourselfs and share in the comments. Happy Associating!! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Honesty is always the best policy???

From the early childhood a student is been taught that honesty is always the best policy. And we think it blindly that, yeah, it is the best policy. But what if someone comes to you one day and tells you that honesty is not always the best policy? Well, then i am telling you the same, 'HONESTY IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY'. Confused? Here is a story, that might help you:

Once, Teja was walking back to his home from his school. On a round-about, he stopped by a mango tree and tried to pluck mangoes from the mango trees. He then sat beneath the tree and enjoyed his mango. Suddenly, he saw a rabbit rushing by. He had never seen a rabbit running so fast. He was confused. He didn't payed much attention to it and continued enjoying the mango. Then came two poachers with their rifles. He was a bit scared thinking that they might kill him, but instead they asked him which way the rabbit has gone. By now, Teja came to know that they were poachers and wanted to kill the rabbit. He knew the right way but was confused whether to tell them the right way, and let them kill the rabbit or to tell them the wrong way, so that the poachers get angry and kill him.

By now, you must have understood why honesty is not always the best policy. We just can't speak the truth blindly. We need to think for the collective good. So, what should we do then? I would suggest you to take the path, which Teja took:

Confused Teja knew he has to act quickly and think of something. He couldn't tell them the right way, neither he could tell them the wrong way. Then suddenly, Teja thought of a way. He told them "I didn't saw anything, I just came here, I don't know anything". He neither took the right way, he neither took the wrong way, he took the middle way.

That's what you should do. When you see that there is no collective good by speaking the truth, then you shouldn't. As M.K. Gandhi said "For a good cause, a lie isn't". But remember one thing, I am not telling you that 'honesty is not the best policy' instead i am telling you that 'honestly is not always the best policy'. So, next time don't speak the truth blindly.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Influence of Positive Environment...

Influence of positive environment, hmm, seems as if its just another thing, but let me tell you it isn't. It's actually that might change you completly. It might be the reason for your mood. It might the reason for your marks in the exams. Confused? Let me tell you an story.

Once, there was a boy whose name was 'Teja'. He woke up one morning. He felt very happy and thought that the day ahead would be good. At that time he had 5 units of happiness in his mind. He got ready to go to school. When he reached outside, his watchman asked him "Teja, you dont look well, has anything happened to you?" He replies" No, nothing, I'm fine." He walks away and asks himself "Has anything happened to me?" By this time 1 unit of happiness in his mind got reduced. He then goes into the bus and the conductor asks him "Teja, has anything happened to you? You dont look well." He replies "No, I'm fine." He then again thinks "Has anything happened?" Because of this he only has 3 units of happiness. He then goes into his classroom, and again his teacher asks him the same question and again he asks himself the same question. By this, his level of happiness goes to 0 units. Then in the recess, his friends asks him the same question, and then his level of happiness goes in negative. And now his day is no more intresting. He feels booring now.

So, what actually happened to Teja? He was perfectly alright in the morning, and he did nothing, but still he was kind of sad at the end of the day. What made him sad? It was the people around him that made him sad. The people actually did nothing, but still they made him sad. This proves that the people around us really make influence on us. The same is applicable in the positive side too. So, we should always be in a positive environment or should always provide an positive environment for others. So, next time be careful!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2012: The end of the world???

Well, i got a video on metcafe around 2 years back. It was about the end of the world in 2012. The videos were really shocking and the reasons for the end showed looked almost real. I started searching about it on the net and other sources. The reason they gave was the 'Mayan Calender'. They told that the mayan calender begins in some B.C. and it ends on 21st December 2012. This was their main reason. I looked for it around the whole WWW. And then i was sure. The video stated that a planet called 'Planet Nibiru' has it's orbit between the earth and the sun. So when it will pass besides the earth, the earth will suffer from pole shift due to the magnetic fields of both the planets. They even showed a NASA scientist sitting up there claiming the same and told that the NASA knew this from 1986. According to them, this was the only reason that after 1986, they became more keen to find life on other planet. I was completly shocked by now. They even told that the Planet would become visible by October 2009. But when October 2009 came, there was'nt anything. Then the movie came '2012'. It claimed some other reasons for the end of the world in 2012 and some people quoted it as "all are claiming at one day, 21st December 2012" and so they thought this might be true.
But then one night I thought, that there wasnt any planet seen in the night of October 2009. They didnt had any proof that the "so-called" NASA scientist was actually a scientist. They had no proof that NASA knew this from 1986. And above all, the Mayan Calender, well i would not say much, but if you get a chance to see that, trust me you can't make anything out of it. So anyone can fool you by showing you the calender, cause you dont know what it is all about. And more and more things came out which proved them wrong.
On the other side, there were more and more people becoming a victim of this hoax. If you see it logically, there was a similar hoax for Y2K. But the result, we all know. So, in my opinion, it is just another hoax for a movie to be a success and nothing else. If there would have been anything like this we would have surely be informed.
So, i think we should not waste time and think about the end. So, enjoy your life to the fullest and dont be a fool next time when someone tells you about this! :)