Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2012: The end of the world???

Well, i got a video on metcafe around 2 years back. It was about the end of the world in 2012. The videos were really shocking and the reasons for the end showed looked almost real. I started searching about it on the net and other sources. The reason they gave was the 'Mayan Calender'. They told that the mayan calender begins in some B.C. and it ends on 21st December 2012. This was their main reason. I looked for it around the whole WWW. And then i was sure. The video stated that a planet called 'Planet Nibiru' has it's orbit between the earth and the sun. So when it will pass besides the earth, the earth will suffer from pole shift due to the magnetic fields of both the planets. They even showed a NASA scientist sitting up there claiming the same and told that the NASA knew this from 1986. According to them, this was the only reason that after 1986, they became more keen to find life on other planet. I was completly shocked by now. They even told that the Planet would become visible by October 2009. But when October 2009 came, there was'nt anything. Then the movie came '2012'. It claimed some other reasons for the end of the world in 2012 and some people quoted it as "all are claiming at one day, 21st December 2012" and so they thought this might be true.
But then one night I thought, that there wasnt any planet seen in the night of October 2009. They didnt had any proof that the "so-called" NASA scientist was actually a scientist. They had no proof that NASA knew this from 1986. And above all, the Mayan Calender, well i would not say much, but if you get a chance to see that, trust me you can't make anything out of it. So anyone can fool you by showing you the calender, cause you dont know what it is all about. And more and more things came out which proved them wrong.
On the other side, there were more and more people becoming a victim of this hoax. If you see it logically, there was a similar hoax for Y2K. But the result, we all know. So, in my opinion, it is just another hoax for a movie to be a success and nothing else. If there would have been anything like this we would have surely be informed.
So, i think we should not waste time and think about the end. So, enjoy your life to the fullest and dont be a fool next time when someone tells you about this! :)

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