Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Garbage disposal in India....

From our early childhoood, we are been taught to throw the trash in the trash bin. And without thinking anything, we have been doing the same. And this is still taught. Not only verbally but also in the textbooks. But have we ever thought what are we doing is right or not?
I am not telling you to not to throw the trash in the trash bin, but have we ever thought where does this trash goes? Well, as far as I know, either these are dumped in the open grounds or they are burnt. Both the methods are pollution causing. If the garbage is disposed in the open grounds, it may become a breeding place for mosquitos and other harmful bacterias. Moreover, they cause land pollution and foul smell which might be difficult for the surrounding areas. If they are burnt, the plastics, due to incomplete combustion causes soot and pollution. According to a reserch, around 93% of our trash can be re-cycled. And the waste disposal mechanism in other devloped countries is based on these principles. There you have 3 different dust-bins. Different bins for different kinds of waste which are later recycled accroding to bins. Even if the similar system occurs in our country, then i must tell that, the system is not popular enough among the common people. Going in Copenhagen will not solve the problem for environmental pollution. We need to act on this. We just can't simply allow our waste to be dumped in the open lands or burn them. We need a system for waste disposal which would not be pollution generating. Have any ideas? Send them as comments.

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