About Me

My name is Ritvik Gautam. For the 78% of you who would spell my name wrong, there isn't any 'w' in my name. Actually, I could have done this the Bond-James-Bond style, but then I'd have to kill you. 

I'm an engineering student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore. But while I'm in Bangalore, I always crave to get back home in Ahmedabad. 
If you stalk my facebook well enough, you'll probably know
 this is the only good photo I have of me!

I've turned 19 this year, which makes me an year older from what I was last year. FYI, I celebrate my birthday on October 7. No, I don't mind anonymous birthday gifts.

Blogging started out just out of chance to try out another feature that Google had to offer. I would manage to come along this far, wasn't something that I had expected. But hey, here I am, learning everyday and enjoying it like never before!
To be really honest, writing isn't my passion. But I do enjoy doing it. Maybe it's the idea of sharing thoughts that drives me. 
Since the beginning, I have been blogging about various topics and has not limited myself to particular niche. Some might consider this as bad, but that's the way I'd like it to be. I can't understand how one can restrict their thought process into just one direction, atleast I can't. And so, over the years I've worked on a variety of different topics, and enjoyed although more. 

My day begins with Google News, Facebook, GMail, Google Reader, Twitter etc. Internet is something which is now an organ of my body, without which I can't survive. I'm a proud geek, and would prefer my laptop over Katrina Kaif any given day!

Many who know me personally would say I am more of a reserved person. True, and I am proud of it. I see no point in discussing what person A said to person B, or who was bitching about whom or what new phone person C has bought. Honestly, this all seems a waste of time for me. Those who know me really well would agree to the fact that if I find something sensible to talk on, it's actually really hard to stop me!

Apart from this, I'm a certified thumb wrestling champ and a 3-time all India bathroom singing champ.
When I'm free, I usually spend my time on Internet, reading books, watching movies or simply listening to music. I love travelling, and exploring the city. 

For anything more than this, you can contact me directly here
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  1. Woah! RitVik I loved your Intro... Its been a long time since I wanted to post something about myself... Then I really couldn't find anything too good to write about... And when i read your intro- I am again inspired.. Nice One! Interesting too! Specially thumb wrestling part and all india bathroon singing championship!!! All the best for your studies and career!! and Keep Posting!!!

    1. Haha.. thank you for spelling it correctly! :P
      I too had wanted to post this for i-dont-know-how-long until one fine day I sat and wrote it. I'm myself surprised by this page actually! :P

      Thank you so much! :)

  2. Well, someone is going ahead with every single post. I really love the way you write. Great to have you as an inspiration.

  3. Well, that introduction was bloody good!!