Thursday, December 10, 2009

Influence of Positive Environment...

Influence of positive environment, hmm, seems as if its just another thing, but let me tell you it isn't. It's actually that might change you completly. It might be the reason for your mood. It might the reason for your marks in the exams. Confused? Let me tell you an story.

Once, there was a boy whose name was 'Teja'. He woke up one morning. He felt very happy and thought that the day ahead would be good. At that time he had 5 units of happiness in his mind. He got ready to go to school. When he reached outside, his watchman asked him "Teja, you dont look well, has anything happened to you?" He replies" No, nothing, I'm fine." He walks away and asks himself "Has anything happened to me?" By this time 1 unit of happiness in his mind got reduced. He then goes into the bus and the conductor asks him "Teja, has anything happened to you? You dont look well." He replies "No, I'm fine." He then again thinks "Has anything happened?" Because of this he only has 3 units of happiness. He then goes into his classroom, and again his teacher asks him the same question and again he asks himself the same question. By this, his level of happiness goes to 0 units. Then in the recess, his friends asks him the same question, and then his level of happiness goes in negative. And now his day is no more intresting. He feels booring now.

So, what actually happened to Teja? He was perfectly alright in the morning, and he did nothing, but still he was kind of sad at the end of the day. What made him sad? It was the people around him that made him sad. The people actually did nothing, but still they made him sad. This proves that the people around us really make influence on us. The same is applicable in the positive side too. So, we should always be in a positive environment or should always provide an positive environment for others. So, next time be careful!

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