Monday, December 14, 2009

Association mechanism of our brain...

Have you ever wondered why do we get scared from a cockroach even though it cant do anything to us? Why do we get scared by snakes? Why do we get an tremendous amout of energy as we say "Jai Bajrang Bali"? Have you ever wondered? And why does a 2 year old does not get scared from a snake or a cockroach?
These are all the wonders of the association mechanism of our brain. Our brain is very smart. Since it is very difficult for it to remember everything, so it uses a technique called association. Everything we know is stored in our brain through association mechanism. Our brain has millions of neuron cells and each neuron can store information to the size of an encyclopedia. And all these information is linked to eachother with the association technique. You think I am talking crap? Take this example. If I talk about school why does our brain starts thinking about studies? If I talk about the best cricketer, why does we start thinking about Sachin Tendulkar? This is all because our brain have associated school and studies and cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. Everything works in this way. We get scared by a snake because our mind has associated snake with fear, whereas a 2 year old kid's mind has not associated snake with fear and that is the reason it doesnt get scared by snake. In the same way, we get scared by a cockroach. Similarly, our mind has associated "Jai Bajrang Bali" with power and we just get power. We think it's magic but it isn't. It's actually our brain. Everything in our brain works in this mechanism. Even the language we speak. When I say "Come" why do we start walking? It's because our brain has associated "Come" with walking. There are infinite examples of the association mechanism of our brain. It's so richly designed. The maker has really spent a lot of time on it. Imagine! everything we do right from eating to walking, works on this mechanism. If taken in a positive way we can do wonders with this.
Since, the winter season is going out, so as soon as I walk out of the bathroom, I feel a bit shivering. But then I tell myself firmly; that "I am not feeling cold". And believe me, I just stop shivering. It's again because of association mechanism. And there are hundreds of more examples. Try them out yourselfs and share in the comments. Happy Associating!! :)

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