Monday, December 21, 2009

How does positive attitude helps?

We all know from the very beginning that positive attitude will make us reach to the top. And we have been following at and not so suprisingly we found that it actually works. But how? How can just our attitude determine our destiny? How can this be possible? Well, I can just say that this is a miracle of our brain.

As we all know, that our brain is very intelligent, but at the end of the day, it is our slave. It does only those things what we know. It will do only those things which we want to do. And this only helps in getting sucess through positive attitude. Our brain follows "Feedback Mechnism", meaning it will do only what we want but it just amplifies our instructions. Confused? This would sort of things much better.

If we are given a basketball and asked to make a basket, what would be our reaction. "Can I do it?". This sentence goes to our brain, and then the reply comes, "I think I can do it". This sentece again goes to the brain, it amplifies and amplifies and amplifies, and at the end the reply comes "I will do it".

So, we just saw that how our brain changes the sentence from "Can I do it?" to "I will do it". It we go in the positive direction, then the sentence gets amplified and that helps us. We are asked to keep a positive attitude cause even if we know that we won't be able to do it, we will actually do it.

So, our brain amplifies each sentence it gets, both in the positive and the negative way, the choice depends on us. If we go towards the negatve side, it may lead to depression.
So, always keep an positive attitude towards life, difficulties, the challenges in the life and I am sure our brain will help us overcome it.

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