Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Need for a constitutional change....

Today, even after 62 years of independence, why aren't we still called a 'devloped country'? We are the ones who helped in the establishment of United Nations, then why are we not a permanent member of it? Why Kasab is not been punished even when everyone knows he is responsible for the Mumbai 26/11 attacks? Why Mr. Rathore got punished after 19 years of his crime? Why, recently 3 terrorist fleed away from the capture of Mumbai Police?

Well, all this happened because of incapability of the Indian Constitution. We follow the same constitution as of the British period (though with little amendments). Why can't we understand a thing that the Britishers made this of the constitution to destroy our country, to allow it to become a third-grade country and we are just blindly following that and thats exactly the reason why we are not called a devloped country till now.

I personally like Dr. Manmohan Singh as our Prime Minister. I dont know if this is the case with other leaders or not, but I feel he is too soft. I mean we have given the all the evidences of Kasab involved in Mumbai attacks. But, I feel he is not strict with the Pakistan Goverment. I mean, we all know what did Geroge Bush did after 9/11 attacks, and shaked the whole world. And what did we did, we all know that very well! They ask for more evidence and we just blindly follow it. I mean we have given the CCTV footage, what else do they need? I just want the leader of this country to more strict and I am not an expert, but I think that can make us a permanent member in the United Nations.

Most of us are unaware, but the Police Act we are following was made after the First Revolt in 1857. What the policemen follow in our country was thought almost 150 years back. The lathi that was given to the police (Indian men) at that time was to create dis-unity among the policemen (Indian) and the revolutionary. And the same system we are following. Situations as in 1857 and in 2010 are different, and we need to understand that. Though they are little amendments but with little effect. Today the terrorist comes with an AK-47, and we cant expect the policemens to fight with an .75mm pistol. There was a policemen who went to fight against the terrorist (loaded with hand granade and AK-47) with just a lathi, and the result we all know what might have happened. There wasn't anything wrong with the enthusiasm of the policemen, but the police department which did not had the good ammunations. Then, who is responsible for his death? Recently, I read in a newspaper, that most of the policemen, fired the last shot from their rifle 7 years ago. What we need is new ammunations. We need to understand if they terrorist comes with AK-47, we need somthing better than that otherwise I won't be surprised to see another incident like 26/11. Apart from this, we need a stricker criminal laws. I mean, we all know what has Raj Thackery done in Mumbai, and there was even a Non-Bailable arrest warrent against him, but he was walking freely, because he knew he is not going to be arrested. Mr. Rathore got arrested after 19 years of his crime, why? This all says we need to be serious about the criminal laws. For 19 long years a criminal was roaming in the country freely just because he was on a high position. Not fair. We all know Kasab is responsible for Mumbai 26/11 attacks. But still there is a case going on in Supreme Court. We have give the CCTV footage to the court, still the case is being delayed again and again. Why? Every single heart in the country knows who is responsible for the 3 terrorised days. But, all this delays happenes, and the credit goes to our Criminal laws.
Yes, there has been a good criminal law that has been introduced against domestic violence. If a women reports against a domestic violence, then the whole immidiate family of the boy goes to jail, without bailable for 7 years. Yes, they are going good, but this is not without loop-holes. There was a case, that a women blackmailed her husband, that she would make a false complaint against him. Yes, almost 95% of the domestic violence cases are genuine, but we cannot forget about the other persons who make mis-use of it. So, we need to discover loop-holes in the criminal laws and try to fill it up.

In the concluding part,
  • We need to consider our constitution again and make it suitable for the citizens living in the country.
  • The leader needs to be a little more stricter with all the un-just happening in the country. We can't be sweet all the time.
  • We need improvement in the ammunation of our country. Policemen needs to be loaded with the latest.
  • We need to cover up the loop-holes in the constitution.

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