Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why food prices will not come down?

One complaint against the present government and the hottest topic for the opposition these days is the food prices. News channels, newspapers, magazines, almost everywhere you look you come across the problem of food prices. Everyone is waiting when the food prices will come down? Everyone's hoping. I'm not, because I know it will now never come down. Surprised?

Okay, I ask you a completely out of topic question, how many of you would like to see India as a country without any poverty, as a developed country, huge skyscrapers as in Manhattan? I am sure, almost everyone of you would like India to be like that.

So, what is necessary for eradication of poverty from our country? First and foremost is the family income. An average farmer with a 2 acre land in India is about to earn just `32.2 per day or `969 per month. And let me tell this is not enough for a family having on an average 5-7 members. So, the point is, to make India develop, or to eradicate poverty in India, we need to increase the income of the low-income group people, which mostly include farmers. Of course, there are numerous 'yojnas' but they are not effective, they are done just on the papers. Even after more than 62 years of independence, India is not able to become a poverty-free country. 62 years is not a small period of time. Malaysia got independence in 1957 and we all know where does Malaysia lies and where India lies. We  cant just sit aside and say "Let the government do it", it's time we should take an initiative and help India become a poverty free country. 
Even the agricultural minister, Shri. Sharad Pawar has said that the food prices will not come down. The reason is that, there is an increase in the income of the farmers, hence the end product price has gone up. It's all in a cycle. If the prices increase from the first stage, then the prices will increase till the last stage. So, we shouldn't criticize anyone for the increase in food prices, we should take this as an step towards an poverty free India.

It's time we start thinking of our society as a whole and not as an individual. That's when India will become a developed country in the true sense.


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