Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Problem of Peeing...

I would just ask a simple question to all of you, what would you notice when you walk down the streets? Cars, bikes, shops, vendors, corwd, maybe a dog or a cow. But these vary from place to place. One thing which you would find everywhere, no matter where you live or where you are, is this..

This is what you all see!

None can disagree on this thing. And now it has become a serious and growing (in numbers) problem. It's not at all healthy for the people living around.

This is actually a serious problem and needs to be addressed. I don't even know if there's a law against this. Even if it is there, it's actually of no use, as people don't know about it. You won't see some campaigns going on against this. You won't see students being taught in the school. This has always been laughed upon, none has taken it seriously.

But people are not the only one to blame. Medical Science says that the urge shouldn't be 'controlled' for too long. What we need is street washrooms, and when I say street washrooms, I mean 'hygienic' street washrooms. This one small step can actually help a lot fighting this problem. This has always been an issue, but none had worked upon it. I don't understand WHY is it so difficult in providing hygienic washrooms?

But if you've started to blame the authorities already, wait.. they are not the only one's who are at fault. What I want to say is that the parents too  have a fault in this. Confused?
See, what really happens is this...

Parents are the one's who expose this unhygienic practice to their younger one's.
which ultimatly results in this...

Children get used to this habit and ultimately find nothing wrong in it.
This is actually the root of the problem. What we need is to educate the young about the seriousness of this issue for his own hygiene and also for the society. This exactly is the way one could tackle this.

But resolutions are not always one in number, a really nice idea I liked was this. 

Walls painted with the idols of gods and goddesses. 
Painting walls with the idols of gods and goddesses could possibly change the way people do it. I mean, who would do it on a wall painted with their own god? Even if someone did, there'll be a number of people ready to clean it. What more? This would increase the road side scenic beauty, and would improve the surroundings. One little small step, and BAM, you stop a bad habit, you encourage people to work for cleanliness and you increase the scenic beauty around you. What more one could wish for?

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