Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Women on Platform Number 10

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It's not that this was happening for the first time, but today was different. It went past that threshold value, and so finally Jay decided to run away from his house. He left the house, on his toes, making sure no one from his family comes to know about it. His house was at a walk-able distance from the railway station. He had heard from his friends, whose elder brothers had gone to Mumbai and were now independent and earning. And so he thought of going to Mumbai, away from his house, away from this mess. 

He ran with all his might, crying, till he reached the railway station. He saw the railway information board, and noted the next train to Mumbai leaves in another 3 hours from platform number 10. 
He went to the platform number 10. There were not many people there, considering it was a small town, and the odd hour. He sat on an empty bench, crying. Most of the shop vendors were closed. He was all alone there, except those dogs who were looking for something to eat. He cried for a while, till suddenly he felt warmth on his shoulder. He looked up and saw a women sitting beside him. He never noticed when she had come and sat there. 
There was something really special about this women. He could feel the sudden change in the atmosphere. He could feel the positivity which had been missing all this while. Her smile had the aura to evade any worries around her, no matter it's magnitude. He somehow felt better around her. 

W: What happened? Why are you crying?
Jay: Who are you?
W: That isn't important, my boy! Tell me, what happened to you?
Jay: I am running away from my home, I'll go to Mumbai, and earn and be independent so that I don't have to go to home again.
W: Why do you want to leave your home? 
Jay: Every single day, my father drinks alcohol, and then comes back to home and beat my mother. They both yell at each other, use bad words. And then my fathers beats her even more. They tell me to go to a different room, but their voices isn't stopped by the walls. Since I'm their only child, I get very scared. Once I tried stopping them, but that went in vain and my father started beating me instead. And then later my mother scolded me for intervening in between them.  Since then I didn't do anything to stop them. I just hid behind the door, crying, wishing everyday that some angel would and save us from my father. But I don't think that is ever going to happen, so I'm running away from them. Once and for all.
W: But that isn't going to stop the problem, right? He is still going to beat your mother everyday. Don't you think you should do something to stop them?
Jay: Yeah, but what can I do? I tried already what I could. 
W: Let me talk to your mother once, bring her here tomorrow in the afternoon.
Jay: She wouldn't come. What should I say to her?
W: Just bring her here, say anything, just bring her here anyhow. I'll surely sort out this mess for you. But for now, you must go back to your home and sleep. And be a strong boy, you shouldn't cry.
Jay: I think you are right. I'll go back to my home. Thank you.

Jay somehow felt good. It was a strange feeling, but he felt better, after a really really long time. He felt that everything is going to be good now. He was now all determined to sort this mess, instead of running away from it. So, he slept that night. 
In the morning, he was faced by another challenge. To somehow get her mother to the railway station. 
He thought of faking it and told her that she needs to receive some relatives. She somehow believed him. He didn't expected her to believe him so easily, but he was relieved. He had faith in that lady he met a day before. 

Upon reaching the railways station, Jay saw that women. Seeing her, he blurted out the truth. At first, his mother was angry on him, but somehow the aura that unknown woman had made her anger vanish in no time. 
W: Jay told me everything. He was about to run away to Mumbai, I stopped him.
M: WHAT? Really? Oh god, thank you so much. It's just that...
W: I know everything, I am just here to help you.
M:  But who are you?
W: That isn't necessary. What is necessary is to stop what is happening with you.

The woman instructed Jay's mother a bunch of things and told her to do as she said. She reassured her that everything is going to be alright. 

Later that day, as usual, Jay's dad entered the house, drunk. Seeing his wife, he started his usual routine. As soon as Jay saw his father had started to beat his mother, he dialed a number from the mobile phone the woman had gave him. Instantly, the door bell rang. When my mother went to see who rang the bell, as expected, there was no one. She went back, and the heinous act of his father continued. Again, the bell rang, and just like before, there was no one on the door. This went on for another couple of times, when his father really lost it, and went himself to see who was on the door. All he saw were two men with Bell Bajao written on their cap. This outraged the father even more, he slammed the door, and blurted out all his anger on the mother. More than what he was doing previously. This really scared Jay. He saw his father angry every single day, but not to this extent. 
Suddenly, the door bell began to ring. This time more frequently. Again and again. His father ignored it, and continued beating his wife. Finally, with a loud thud, the door broke open. Men in khakhi uniform stood at the other side of the road, with handcuffs in their hand waiting to be binded to someone. 

The father was arrested and was taken to police station. He was charged of domestic violence and was sentenced to prison for a really long time. 
This meant Jay and his mother could now live in peace. It was almost a dream come to true for him, for he had wished only one thing, every single day, for the past 2 years. 
He then saw the woman. 
Jay: Thank you so much. All my worries have gone. All thanks to you. I've really cleared this mess. But who really are you?
W: Remember you had always wished for an angel to come to save you from this mess?
He heard his mother calling out him, he turned his head in other direction, by the time he turned back to his original position, there was no one. It was like someone had vanished. 
He then realized, his wish had finally come true, he had met the angel of his life. "Truth is stranger than fiction", he thought.
That night, he and his mother had a peaceful sleep after a really really long time. 

Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, is a pattern of coercive behavior that is used by one person to gain power and control over another. It may include the use of physical and sexual violence, verbal and emotional abuse, stalking and economic abuse. Sexual, emotional and psychological intimidation may also occur.
Every year, many men and woman become a victim of domestic violence. If you are a victim, or if you know anyone who is, then raise your voice, report it at the first sign of it. 
If anything happens infront of you, then don't forget to Ring the Bell!

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  1. Great Bell Bajao campaign! A story with an important message!
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    Avada Kedavra - The woman on platform number 10

  3. The woman on platform number ten solved a very big problem of Jay's life,hope other such Jay's get this woman.

  4. BELL BAJAO! Loved it! Very nice!

    First time blogatoner.....shreyasi

  5. I actually liked the fact that you used the phrase "truth is strange than fiction" in this post even though it was left in the rules by mistake :) You not only used this month's theme well, you managed to incorporate last month's as well :-)

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  6. a nice and enlightening post lovely as ure name :)

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