Saturday, April 6, 2013


So, you're just sitting in the middle of the night, thinking about the long list of things you want to do on your weekend, and then you realize what you actually need to do. Clear up the backlogs. Yeah, that's right!
I never fail to delay such posts. And so, continuing the tradition, here I am again, coming up with something what I should have done quite a few months ago! 

Yeah, it's an AWARD POST, and you know what that means!
I've been nominated for the Liebster Award! Yay!! 
Even though this might not be my first award, but believe me the excitement is still the same. I'm thrilled everytime to see such nominations! 

What more? Not one, but three people nominated me this time. Leo, Priya and Ayushi. Thank you all of you for considering me for this thing! 

But every award comes up with it's own set of rules, and this is no exception. So let's have a look.

1. Post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions set by the nominator.
3. Choose 11 deserving bloggers 
4. Set 11 questions for them.
5. Let them know about it.

Okay, 11 random things about me. This is seriously the most difficult part, cause I don't really know what to say. But I'll try my best!

1. I generally prefer working till late in the night, cause there is no one to disturb you at that odd hour.

2. My parents still buy my clothes. I just can't do that. 

3. I saw Batman series for the first time just 2 days ago. (I know this is surely going to raise a few eyebrows) 

4. I'm not really fond of the super-hero-types movies. 

5. In classrooms, I sleep more than I write.

6. I've developed a new interest into this thing called Quora. Go check it out! 

7. Recently I've started liking the Reggae fusion genre.

8. I recently developed an interest in playing computer games, after nearly 4 years!

9. Being a salesman isn't that easy, and I've learned it the hard way! 

10. I seriously have no interest in the ongoing IPL. (Read further here)

11. I love the Bangalore weather! 

 Answers to Leo's 11 questions.

Q. Once place abroad you'd love to visit, and why?
A. This definitely has to be some not-yet-discovered islands in the pacific ocean. Simply because it's sure to have mesmerizing landscapes, breathtaking views, and yeah, the most important - PEACE!

Q. Your favourite fiction novel and why?
A. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The way he blend facts into fiction simply amazes me!

Q. One thing you'd love to change in your personality, and why?
A. Umm.. not sure. I'd rather be the way I am. 

Q. Which would you prefer to play, indoor or outdoor?
A. A blend of both, actually!

Q. Who'd you say is your role model, and why?
A. Well, to be honest, I try to achieve excellence in everything I do. If I play cricket, my role model would be Sachin, if I teach, I'd want to teach like Feynman and so on... So basically, If I'd want to be good at something, I'd consider the best in that field as my role model.

Q. One thing you wish people would stop pestering you about?
A. The latest gossips. That's a complete waste of time for me.

Q. One dream of yours which has already come true?
A. There are so many little dreams that come true everyday!

Q. A rose in the bouquet or in the garden?
A. In the garden. That way it's aura can be felt for a longer time, and by many others.

Q. A name you like the most (other than your own)?
A. Names actually interests me a lot. I always have the interest to know the meaning of the names of the people I meet. I believe a person is a lot similar in nature to what his/her name actually means. There isn't a single name that I like, but yeah, many names intrigue me. 

Q. If you were to rename your blog, what'd you name it as and why?
A.  I don't know actually. Naming it once was a tough task, I have no idea what amount of time it would take to rename it! 

Q. One honest opinion about my blog?
A. Honest.. Okay! I'm not really a fan of Haiku (and I don't blame you for that, the fault is actually mine), but I do like your other posts. Going through your blog, it's hard to filter out those other posts. I guess, you should use labels and categorize your posts so it's easier for people like me! :)

Answers to Priya's 11 questions.

Q. Which is your favourite movie and why?
A. Schlinder's List (1993). The only movie which bought me near to crying.

Q. A career option you'd never opt for and why?
A. Surgeon. I can't see other's blood.

Q. Is it better to be born rich than to be talented?
A. A big NO!

Q. A book you wish had never ended.
A. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 

Q. What upsets you the most?
A. Seeing someone else upset. And what makes me more upset? Seeing someone else upset and the reason being me!

Q. What is your greatest phobia?
A. Crawlers and other creepy insects!

Q. What is the craziest thing you would ever want to try?
A. As of now, wedding crash!

Q. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
A. When at the end of it, you realize that all you work is done, and you feel like you haven't worked at all. And that you're ready to face the week ahead again!

Q. Why did you start blogging?
A. Just because I saw this option in the services that Google offered - Blogger. (Read further here)

Q. What is the one word/one line that comes to your mind when I say the following:
rain - big window, smell of wet mud, pakodas, coffee
pizza - home-made > everything else
books - give me some mooooooooorree
hate - why?

Q. And finally - Vampire Diaries or Prison Break?
A. I haven't seen Vampire Diaries, and I'm not a fan of vampire related stuffs, and that I really liked Prison Break, so it's gonna be the latter! 

Answers to Ayushi's 11 questions.

Q. What is the meaning of your name? Do you believe you are living upto it?
A. It means scholar. Well, I'd leave the second part for the people around me to answer!

Q. What moment do you wish to live again and again?
A. Childhood. 

Q. Are you happy with your profession, if yes, why? If not, what would you want to be?
A. I'm still a student, and you don't have much choice when it comes to that. But yeah, I do enjoy what I learn.

Q. In what other way do you help poor apart from giving money?
A. The only difference between them and me would probably be money. Making them realize that money isn't actually a criteria to form groups in a society, and for once, getting close to them, leaving all the money matters behind.

Q. What one thing would you want to vanish from this world?
A. Money. Think about it, bringing back the bater system! 

Q. What do you hate most about online social networking?
A. People who use it for the purpose it isn't meant to be. 

Q. Any celebrity you'd want to date and why?
A. Umm.. No!

Q. If given a change to exchange lives with anyone in this world, who will that person be and why?
A. President of the country, as I'll have the supreme power in the whole country, and I belive I'd put that power to good use.

Q. Which possession of yours you can't tolerate to be touched by others?
A. Mobile Phone

Q. Define yourself in four words. 
A. I'm a human being.

11 people I'd like to nominate

1. Kirti
2. Avik
3. Ankita
4. Prakhar
5. Harshal
6. Shesha
7. Sushmita
8. Diksha
9. Pooja
10. Ratika
11. Vineet

Now it's my turn to bombard 11 people with some questions. *evil laugh*
So, here I go.

1. What does your name mean?  
2. What is your ideal holiday destination like, and why?
3. If you had a genie right infront of you, and that he would grant just one wish of yours, what would it be?
4. What according to you is one thing that could change the present situation of the country?
5. What is God to you?
6. Before you die, I want to... ?
7. Blogger or Wordpress?
8. What would you like to be re-born as? (except humans)
9. One  thing in your life you wish you could just "delete".
10. What would your alternate occupation be? Or how would you like to spend the rest of your life?
11. What is your honest opinion about my blog?

Looking forward to your posts! 


  1. thank you god! Thank you mom,dad,little sis,murphy!! Just kidding,thank you so much for the award,there can never be too much of them.. :) n i havent seen harry potter yet,now raise your eyebrow..

    1. Hahahaha!!! :D
      Well, that helps, I'm not the only one! :P

  2. Thank you for the award! I don't know if i'm posting soon enough so here, answer to your first question.
    Diksha means "Awesome awesome awesome! Sometimes prone to incredible wierdness but almost scarily lovable! Funniest person alive."

    Well, at least Urban Dictionary thinks so! ;):D

  3. First of all congratulations... U deserve many more such awards. :)
    and thanks a lot for nominating me for it... now the dilemma is how to find 11 people...u already know that m a real bad reader so the task seems to be tough... :)

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      Haha.. I know how that feels! :P

  4. After reading your third point about Batman, my mind went into hibernation, i was reading your post but my mind was like, "WTF dude, how can you miss so much awesomeness (Although for me first and second part were awesome, third one was just stupid)"
    Btw, I haven't seen Harry potter too....:p
    Any ways, Congrats for the award and thanx for the tag....cheers...:)

    1. Haha!! But I did watch it last week, and it just blew my mind! :)

      Thanks! :)

  5. Hi Ritvik,
    First of all thanks for the Tag... These days i am facing writers block... Not sure what to write. When u want to write something beautiful you end up messing up inside your head... So this award is a nice and pleasant change Right now!

    About Random things your wrote:
    There is peace, and more efficiency during night. So If one can manage Working/studying during night hours is anytime better. I havent seen Batman movies except one – The Dark Night- And I loved Joker more than the Batman :P . though I am fond of some super heros –spiderman and some sci-fi movies like X-men series, Harry Potter Series, LOTR series, and even Krishhhhhh :P. Most of the times I can watch anything!! lol
    In classroom- my mind used to be more absent than being present too :P
    Quora... Ah! Made an account a month back- but hvn’t really checked it out!!! Almost similar views on all other things.. Nice random bits about you!!!

    Again I would want to compliment Leo, Priya and Ayushi on their set of questions. Loved your answers. I agree Barter system will bring more harmoney and equality in the world!!! And btw I feel people have become more possesive about their mobile phones than their girlfriends or boyfriends... Changing Times huh!!! :D :P

    1. P.S. Finding 11 person- I agree with Vineet- Its hell of a task to find THOSE 11 Precious People!!! (...and shesha wiped off the sweat drops from her forehead.)

    2. Hey!
      I know how that feels. But trust me, award and tag posts are the best way to get out of those! :)

      Wow.. first person who is somewhat similar to me. No batman! :P
      Hahaha!! :)
      Mobile phones... there are more like a vital organ to us these days! :P

      I agree, that's the toughest part! :P

      Thank you so much!! :D