Wednesday, October 22, 2025

New Beginnings...

It's been almost a year since the last time I was here. A lot has happened since then and in all of them I somehow ignored this part of me. But I'm glad I'm back! Oh I missed this so much!
But I'm here with some great news too! To get to the point, I've decided to shift my blog to Wordpress. I decided in favor of privately hosting my own Wordpress blog on my DigitalOcean VPS, along with a custom domain. I've done this after a lot of thought - which almost took more than a year. One of the major reasons I decided to do so was to be able to learn more, in terms of setting up and managing my own blog, and exercise greater control over it. Also, Wordpress's simplicity and minimalist design is what I had been searching for in all these years, and that clearly lacks in Blogger.
While I get a lot of advantages shifting here, I will also have to face the downside. The major one would be the serious hit I'll get in my online presence. My older blog has been with be since 2009 and has been doing decently well since then with over 60,000 page views. Leaving all of that, and switching to start everything anew wasn't an easy step - trust me.
Screenshot from 2015-10-22 23:31:13
More than that, the reason that made me stick to Blogger was because I do have a really special place in my heart for it. For if not for Blogger, I wouldn't be blogging and would have been completely unaware of this amazing community. I still remember back in December 2009, I just started a blog, having no idea of what it is, but just because I saw another option on the services that Google had to offer.
But in the end, one fine day, I decided that it's time to part ways from Blogger and finally move forward. And so I got the cheapest available plan on DigitalOcean, got a custom .in domain from BigRock and setup everything.
Surprisingly, the transition was really simple and I could transfer all of my posts and comments to Wordpress. It doesn't end here - the time stamps too remained the same way!
I've also hosted my own website, which  you should definitely check out.
I'll will no longer be posting on this blog and I guess this new place will bring new enthusiasm in me and hopefully I'll be posting more!
Towards new beginnings...

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