Monday, January 7, 2013

God knows for how long...

Me: So, you're coming right?
He: Absolutely! I'll come over and pick you up at 5?
Me: Cool! And...
He: What?
Me: Please come all alone, don't bring your stubble along.
He: Aah.. Alright! See you.

He was the laziest of all. No matter how many times I tell him to shave, he just won't. I don't know what the problem is with most of the guys. They just won't shave. I mean, who could walk around with that extra weight on that face? The face, covered with hair all over. Ew. How do they even survive. Don't they feel unhygienic themselves? I just feel disgusting when I'm around a hairy face. 

I'm in Hyderabad, away from him as I had a 4 month long job assignment. He was missing me, and I knew that. One fine day, just like any other day, I was walking back from my office to my home, it was a walking distance, and suddenly he comes infront me in the middle of the street. I was literally taken aback. It took time for me to recognize him as the street wasn't properly lit and the fact that I actually wasn't expecting him there. It took time for me to actually gulp the fact that he had actually come over for the weekend over there, just to surprise me. But then there was this thing which ruined everything. I still remember the conversation.

Me: Oh my god! What a surprise this is!
He: Indeed! I came specially for you just to come here so that we can spend our time together. Just you and me.
Me: Aww.. How lovely.

We walked together for sometime on the streets, until we reached a well lit area. And then I saw what I had missed all this while. A full grown beard. And the reason? He was just too lazy. The very second I knew he'd been glued to his Xbox all this while. He didn't even remembered the last time he took a bath. 
Then, I did something for which I regretted a bit later. I just walked off from there. No answers to his why's. I didn't answered his phone, nether replied to his texts. I felt really bad that day for what I did. He specially came for me, and all I did was to show my tantrums. But I know that was necessary. I had to act hard-stoned that day. He got the message that day and he went back to Bangalore.

That was another day. Eventually, he consoled me, sent a dozen of his shaved photos, and we eventually got back to good terms. Today was the first time I was going to meet him after that day. I was going back to Bangalore today and he was going to come and pick me up. I just hoped he remembered the message.
I got down from the bus, he was standing right in front of me. And that was a shock, a surprise rather. He was completely shaved. Not a single hair on his cute cheek. He looked the best that day. I just was so happy. 

Me: Why can't you be like this all the time?
He: I've changed. I'll be like this forever, for you.

God knows for how long, I thought. 

5 days later..
... he had a full grown beard, and the last time he bathed was when India won a match against Pakistan.


PS: This is a work of fiction.

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