Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebrations... Genuine Celebrations!

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Rawalpindi, Pakistan: It was a time of happiness and enjoyment for Afzal was getting married. He was the eldest of all, and so the family witnessed a marriage after a very long time. Everyone was happy, including Afzal for he loved his soon-to-be, Nafiza,  like anything. They both knew each other since the days of their school. Their love bloomed when they were quite young and continued till the time they passed out their college. Soon, they talked to their parents about their love. And now, they were both getting married. Both their families had the atmosphere of complete blissfulness. Afzal was in the Pakistani military, and so he was back at home at the perfect moment. His presence at home did had an effect on everyone's face and heart. He was truly the most loved in his family.

Patiala, India: Everyone back there at Amanjeet's family was overjoyed when they heard that he's going to be a father very soon. Almost 6 months, he's not returned home for he served for the Indian Military. He was the youngest of all in his family and continued his family tradition to serve for the military which has been going on since past three generations. He had so wanted to be back home, with his family, his wife. But his professional life demanded something else.

There was a possibility that both the neighboring countries, India and Pakistan might soon come into a war. For this very reason he was asked to stay back at the military camp. But his heart and soul was back at his home. 
And so weeks after Afzal gets married, he is called back to the frontier to fight for his country. 

Finally, Amanjeet gets a letter from his home which also had a photograph of his new born baby. He family did miss him, and that too on a occasion like this. But he was helpless, for the war was decided. He can't leave the battlefield now. He'll have to stay there, fight, survive and then return back home.
Both Afzal and Amanjeet were into the same war. Sadly, on the opposite side, all prepared to destroy what may come in their way to defend their country. 

Two weeks later, Amanjeet returns home, while all that reaches Afzal's home is his corpse...

Amanjeet is really happy to be back home and so is everyone else in his home. Manpreet is what they named his son. Tears came out through their eyes when they saw their loved one come back to home in his uniform. The whole atmosphere in the house is full of joy and energy for Amanjeet has yet again returned back safely and for the fact that the family was now complete, with their latest addition. They couldn't have wished for anything else, anything better than this. It was a moment of utter blissfulness.

While at Afzal's home, sadness was all that was there. They had lost their most loved one. Sacrificing his life for the safety of others. The world has just been torn apart for Nafiza. Her love, her soulmate went away, far away. She could not be consoled. She along with all others in the family were shattered in the sorrow of the loss of their love one. His presence was irreplaceable. 


What we see here is two completely different consequences of an event, a war between two countries. While on one side, we have Amanjeet's family, who is enjoying every moment of their life, for their son returned, as a survivor and as a father.
On the other side, is Afzal's family, who are shattered for the immense loss they had to face. It's truly a sad moment for them.
To put it in other words,
What's a reason for celebration for one, is the reason for someone else's sorrow. 

Can this be called an actually celebration? Considering the fact, that the reason you are celebrating is actually a reason for loss of someone's life, someone who was newly married, who was the most loved in his family, someone who was so patriotic that he was all ready to fight for his country. 
In my view, celebrating something like this is completely absurd. Surely, there is a happiness of homecoming, but that shouldn't extend to celebrate others defeat. One should always realize the other side of the coin, of the path of your success, and appreciate their effort for what they did. This was one example, and there could be a thousand more examples, where knowingly or unknowingly, we enjoy the fact that the other is harmed. 

In a war like this, thousands and thousand of lives are lost. Families are destroyed, fathers are lost, sons are lost, husbands are lost. Why? Just over some petty issues which could have been solved otherwise. And what do we do after that? Celebrate over our win, not concerned with the amount of lives, the amount of homes that are destroyed in a event like this. 
Instead imagine a situation where you live in peacefully with your neighbors, when there is no war, no loss, and still people get to celebrate, for a genuine reason, for the right reason. That's what real celebration is all about, when you celebrate together!


"Believe nothing, merely because you have been told it, or because it is traditional or because you yourself have imagined it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect your teacher. But whatever after due consideration and analysis you find to be conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings, that doctrine, believe and cling to and take it as your guide."
--The Buddha

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  1. nice take on the theme, coincidentally when I was a college I too write a story tangling two individuals from India and Pakistan together.
    There were grammar mistakes at 1-2 points but they are just minor blemishes.
    All the best.

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  3. I totally agree Ritwik. World would see a different place if it celebrated for genuine reasons.Sensible write-up. ATB :)

  4. A thoughtful post. And a good read. hmhm.. you did raise some valid issues. Pertinent to the idea of celebrations. Quite a few perspectives were challenged.

    And the quote at the end was good.

    Best of luck for BAT.

  5. Your title sounded like a Bond saying his name. You know: Bond, James Bond. Celebrations, Genuine Celebrations. Anyway jokes apart, the inner plot of the story is really thought-provoking. I have seen better narrations from you. And you could have improved it a bit. The emotions from the families could have been detailed. :) Anyway, brilliant take on the prompt. :)
    ATB for BAT.

    1. Haha.. In a span of such a short time, I couldn't think of anything else :P
      Thanks for your inputs, that'd really help me! :)
      Wishing you the same! :)

  6. liked ur take on the theme...good one
    ATB for BAT :)

  7. that was a good read. meaningful thoughts on what must be n what must not be celebrated. all the best for BAT :-)

  8. This is a great story Ritvik.. I was too touched in the starting.... you ended up in a rational spirit which was good.. Theme was very thoughtful... Loved reading it... :) And never worry about what people say about your mistakes...Remember that "Even the best can always be improved..."

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes, I too agree, there is always a room for improvement! :)
      ATB for BAT! :)

  9. Well said. Many times when one celebrates, one is un-aware of the sorrow of someone else as part of his/her celebration. If there is no intent to cause pain, I guess it is alright. To celebrate together is a novel ideal and hope as human beings we move towards it.

    1. I agree, that's right. However, as in the this case, if one wins, it is evident that the other has to face a loss.
      Anyway, thanks for dropping by! :-)

  10. Great take on the subject! You have a remarkable style of your own...My best wishes...keep dishing out such fine pieces :))