Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Power of Ideas & FbCI4MF!

2004: A undergraduate student with an idea to connect with his classmates beyond lecture hours, created an online platform where they could share their stories. Gradually with time, this expanded, and today if we consider that as a country, it's the third most populated country of the world - Facebook!

A simple basic idea, to just connect with his classmates, resulted into a major which has a revenue of approximately $3.5 billion dollars. 
This is the power of ideas. Small or big, doesn't matter, it always has that hidden potential which not many would realize. One may not know that however small an idea, can develop into something really big. 

A small idea blooms in one's mind. One may encourage it or not. That depends on person to person. But I'm sure, something constructive would surely come out of it if worked upon. It just depends on us how effectively we utilize our resources to nurture that idea. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. When you feel a necessity for something, you start looking for a solution to that, which results back into an idea. When encouraged, this idea leads to an invention. Thomas Edison - inventor of incandescent bulb was actually afraid of dark. Benjamin Franklin - inventor of bifocal lens was actually tired of switching between his two spectacles. Examples like these are endless. Imagine our world today if they wouldn't have encouraged their ideas. What would the world would have been like. Think of the impact these inventions have on our lives. THAT is the power of ideas. Our brain works in such strange ways, giving us signals, it just depends how effectively we identify them.
The start will always with a very small and with a basic idea. Some would implement that. However small the starting be, it would surely grow into something big. 
Not just one, there are numerous cases for this that debating on such topic is just of no use. Hundreds of example all around you. Take this case.

One of my really good friend, Karan Asthana, while chatting to someone on facebook, he made a really small observation. A really small one which I think many would just ignore. This observation then gradually grew into an small idea. 

Like this page if you want a dislike button for facebook!, Like this page if you like the old facebook interface and want that back!, Hit like if you want more smileys for facebook chat. 

You'll find such facebook pages all over. 99.99% of them are just fake, just wanting to gain more likes. Total noobs, as they call. 

And then there was this page which was created by Karan - Fb Chat Icon 4 Middle Finger. He actually made an effort to implement that idea. The idea was to get more smileys for the facebook chat. Which resulted into this facebook page. 

This is how you can use the smileys.

What's the plus plus point is that it is very simple to use. Simple keywords. One need not remember those random numbers now. Also, the best part is that one need not install any kind of extensions or any sort of third party software. No ads, no pop-ups, and simple to use keywords. 

This small idea - and the result? The page is going really good, his ideas still work, you can actually use a middle finger, like and a \m/ smiley on your facebook chat. All because of this page. What more? This page has around 13K likes now. And there is no looking back now. 

Recently the page celebrated it's 10000 likes!

He really looks forward to take this page to the next level. Already thinking of branding and advertising. And is already planning his next step!

One small idea of his, in such a short span of time this has started taking shape. Who knows where this will lead, but something good would come out of this. This is a perfect live example for me to learn how to encourage your ideas regardless how small or stupid it might look at the beginning. 
We just need to take the first step. That first step, and everything then falls into place all by itself!

When they say...
An Idea can change your life
...they actually mean it!

Note: This post is not an sponsored post in any way. The author just wanted to give a live example from his own personal life to support his views on the power of ideas. 

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