Thursday, June 28, 2012

And then... I realized...

Hi! My name is Hairlo, and this is my story.

2 months ago...

It was my first day at the school. I had always been the introvert type. It has always been difficult for me to be friends with others. I had always waited for others to take the first step. But still I made some wonderful friends. With the same intention I sat there. 

As the day passed, it was the recess time. By this time, we had talked a lot and were quite comfortable. They accustomed with all the things that I needed to know and things that would help me stay in the new school. I had started to feel comfortable in my new school.

As days passed way, we had a lot of fun. We used to go to school together. Used to talk whole day. Used to bunk together. Used to have lunch together. Used to make fun of others. Literally, we did everything together. We were like always glued to each other.

Time passed, and I thought I had discovered the best friends of my life. I enjoyed all my time with them. We were the best buddies. 

And just when I had thought that this bond between us was un-breakable, things started to change. 

I had a fight with a boy from the other section. The issue was small. He had pushed me, probably accidentally. I wanted him to apologize for this, and he simply refused. This small issue grew into a big fight. Due to the popularity of that guy, almost everyone from the school supported him. I was left alone. And the worst part? My friends too supported him. Those friends, whom I had thought would be by my side throughout my life, had betrayed me. They didn't supported me. I didn't care where the majority was. All I cared was where were the person whom I trusted. 

My friends left me. Dryness, Hairfall, roughness and split-ends had left me. 

Just when I was about to break, there was one who was with me. For him, it didn't mattered where everyone was, he supported me. This is unexpected, but it was true. His name was Dove. Out of nowhere, I had someone who supported me. Who was with me, no matter where the world was. He was my true friend.

Present day...

It was then I realized that a true friend is one who is with you in the baddest of times. I had got my true friend, who I could trust, whom I knew would be by my side always...
... and that was the end of (my) hair(lo) problems!

Note: This is purely a work of fiction.

PS: This entry is for the 'Dove' contest at Indiblogger


  1. it was funny but a good read :)

  2. i said dafaq! after u mentioned ur friends name :P

  3. The turn of events was unexpected! :-) All the best for the contest.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! :-)

  4. creative.. all the best for the contest..

  5. Aha! creative and different... All the best mate!:)

  6. Interesting and highly creative attempt.

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  8. Was there a joke embedded in this? Nevertheless, appreciate your attempt!:)

  9. Hahaha
    That was the best post I read :D