Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Lesson...

This wasn't really a professional racing track. We were street racing. Street racing requires more skill, and is actually very dangerous. You not only have to think up of the race, but also of the traffic around you. It was quite late in the night, but still one could see some traffic.

I heard. I was determined, I was focused, and I knew my goal. 

My eyes were looking at the infiniteness ahead, and I was waiting for the green light.

I knew the moment has arrived, and I have to show the best of my skills. "It's show time", that's all I said to myself.

The moment I heard it, a spark plunged into my whole body, and almost instantly, I geared my bike, pulled the throttle. Next moment, I could see myself zooming towards my destination, and so were 11 other with me. All of us, wanting to reach the end before anyone else could. This was a race, a race of skills, a race for respect and a race for your space. Everyone, zooming ahead, to achieve that feat. Only one winner, and eleven other would go disappointed. 

But this was not what I was thinking. All I had in my mind, was to be the fastest, beat everyone behind and achieve that feat, which no other would achieve that day. My full concentration was on my bike and the road. I noticed, as the speed-o-meter needle was getting higher, more people were getting behind me. 

I remember I was now at the 8th position. Just 7 more ahead me, and then I would have the respect of every other biker with me. I knew I could do this. I knew I had to do this. I looked down, and was at 95 kmph. But I knew this wasn't enough. I looked up again, and I saw a turn coming up. I knew this was a chance. Turns are taken up as a chance, a chance to beat your opponent. The more skillfully you take up a turn, the more chances you have to beat the opponent. I gave my best. And then I saw myself at the 5th position. 

Then, I was on the straight stretch, a good 4.6 Km straight stretch. It was a two lane road. We were back again, with the full throttle, everyone for the big achievement. Just then, I realised that me and my opponent ahead were narrowing up as I was speeding up. I went on to the other lane, pushed my bike to it's limits, and the next thing I knew, I was on the 4th place. 3 more to go. I had the same confidence, and I knew I could do this.

The next moment I realised, that I was getting ahead of another opponent. That was easy. That got me to the 3rd place. With just 2 more to go. It was this point, that my confidence grew up. I'd rather say, I was now in over-confidence. I started to take this race lightly as I was nearly convinced, that the winner for this race is definate, ME! I saw the other two coming close, this only made my thought more stronger. "I have won the race", that was my thought. I was now confident of the consequences. 

Like before, I went to the other lane to over-take the opponent. But the next thing that happened wasn't like before. I was blinded with the light ahead. It didn't took it long for me to realize that there was a huge truck just right infront of me! 

The very next thing I saw...

It was then I realized, Over-confidence is bad, even in game!

PS: This post is for "Castrol Power 1 Blogging Contest" on Indiblogger.

PPS: This post in no way encourage bikers for street racing. The author, should in no way be held responsible for any such consequences. 

Image source: http://www.thethingaboutmachines.com/


  1. dafaq! i thought u joined some bike gang!.

  2. impressed by the way u expressed ur idea abt over confidence...

  3. True the PSS!
    I loved the way you wrote this.
    I was convinced that you actually did something like that! Street racing is dangerous. Totally.
    Great work. :)

    Ps: You are the 50th follower of my blog. Yay! :D

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. It keeps me going. :-)
      Well, if you really believed that, I think this post was successfull! :-)

      Thank you for dropping in and having a read! :-)

      PS: I really liked your blog.

  4. Amazing description...Kudos! But, certainly dont ever be part of street racing it's not only dangerous to the participants but also for the other riders/drivers on the road... Safety first is the best mantra for riders :)

  5. @Punit.. Thank you for your comment and appreciation :-)
    I completely agree with you. Safety First. :-)